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  • I’m having difficulty signing in

    To register for the first time, please follow the steps below:

    1. A guardian has to register and create their profile and then register their child, to comply with regulatory requirements for minors.
    2. Using Google Chrome as your browser, go to https://vodacom.mytopdog.co.za/users/register.
    3. When entering your cell phone number, make sure there are no spaces before or after the cell phone number.
    4. Fill in all the relevant information: your name, your cell phone number and password that you have chosen.
    5. Your password must have 8 characters.
    6. Click on the "Register" button.
    7. A one-time pin will be sent to your cell phone via SMS, or email if you chose email verification, which you will then enter to complete your registration.

    Once you are registered you may add your child’s profile via the student tracker page (https://vodacom.mytopdog.co.za/users/student_tracker) by selecting the "Create a new profile" button.

    If you have registered before and forgotten your login details, please do a password reset by following the steps outlined under “How do I reset/change my password?”

  • How do I reset/change my password?

    If you have forgotten your password:

    1. Please go to https://vodacom.mytopdog.co.za/
    2. Click on "Login" in the top right-hand corner.
    3. A new page will load. Click on the "Forgot your password" link.
    4. Fill in your cell phone number in the cell textbox.
    5. Click “Reset my password”.
    6. An OTP (One-Time-Pin) will be sent via SMS.
    7. Once this pin is entered, you will be able to reset your password.

    If you would like to change your password:

    1. Go to “My Profile” and enter a new password, and then click “Update” to save your new password.
  • I did not receive a secret OTP (One Time Pin)

    We are unable to assist with the secret one-time pin because it is sent directly from Vodacom. You need to have access to the cell phone number you have registered with to receive the OTP.

    Please ensure that you have registered with the correct cell phone number. Also, try and reset your password if this does not work.

  • What is the difference between E-School and E-School Premium?

    E-School Premium gives grade 10-12 learners access to live lessons, Q&A sessions, recorded lessons. These features will be available for Maths, English and Physical Science. Guardians will also have access to a student tracker.

    Vodacom customers don't pay for data or content when using Vodacom e-School. Vodacom E-School Premium customers don’t pay for data, but the content is accessible at a small fee as outline under “What is the cost of using E-School Premium?”

  • What is the cost of using E-School Premium?

    E-School Premium will be charged at R3 daily, R9 weekly and R19 monthly.

  • What are the payment methods available?

    We offer two payment options. Either add the purchase to your Vodacom bill or apply a voucher. When adding the purchase to your Vodacom bill, you will be asked to enter the cell phone number against which the payment should be charged.

  • How do I redeem a voucher?

    If you would like to redeem a voucher you will first need to sign up.

    Once you have successfully registered, go to the top right-hand corner of the webpage where your profile picture is and click on the arrow. A drop-down box will appear, select "My Promotions" and a new page will load. Once on the promotions page enter your voucher code into the "Redeem Promotion" box and click on the "Redeem" tab.

    You also have the option of applying a voucher when selecting a payment option for subscription to E-School Premium.

  • Can I download the study material and save it to my computer to print?

    Material such as mock examinations, summaries, tutorials and animated lessons (the videos) need to be viewed from your account and cannot be downloaded or printed.

  • Still struggling?

Delete user profile

In order for this account to be deleted, please enter the OTP that was emailed to you. The user data will be permanently deleted from the system.

In order for your account to be deleted, please enter the OTP provided by your Parent/Guardian.